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Media Booth Disclosure

Media Booth/Station Disclosure and Assignment of Rights

Located in the park are booths and stations that record and/or broadcast/webcast still and/or video imagery as well as audio in some instances (the “Recordings”). Guests who are over 18 are welcome to use these amenities. Guests who are under 18 years of age are also welcome to use these amenities but only with the permission of their parents or legal guardians.

Guests who use these amenities must follow all park rules—and may not act inappropriately—in so doing. These recordings may immediately be broadcast and/or webcast live and the like. They are also being recorded and stored at our discretion. 
In consideration of using these amenities and nothing else, Guests (or their parents/guardians for them) hereby grant and assign full ownership of all Recordings, with all rights, title and interest therein, to Horizon Waterpark, LLC (“Horizon”), including without limitation all moral rights. As owner, Horizon may without limitation exercise any and all rights and ownership in and to the Recordings which by way of example and not limitation are:


  • Choose to use, display and/or broadcast/webcast (live or by recording play back) the Recordings, or not, in its sole discretion;

  • Use the Recordings in any way it sees fits, including as advertising;

  • Sell, give or dispose of the Recordings to others for consideration or no consideration;

  • Modify, distort, edit, combine with other materials, recordings, and/or images (including, but not limited to, in combination or conjunction with Guests’ name, or any other name or label, or no name), translate, present in a false light, include in collective works, and/or create derivative works of the Recordings in whole or in part; 

  • Reproduce, broadcast (live/instantly or by recording), display (publically or otherwise), transmit and/or the like, any or all of the Recordings, as well as distortions, derivations, compilations and the like via the Internet or any other known, unknown or to be invented technology and/or medium.

Guests also hereby knowingly, voluntarily, and irrevocably waive all rights of attribution, rights of anonymity, integrity, moral rights and any other rights in or to the Recordings, arising under the laws of the United States or under any other applicable law of this or any other country or other jurisdiction. 

Horizon may likewise choose not to broadcast (live/instantly or by recording), use, maintain, or even record the Recordings and its constituent parts. No compensation or consideration other than as specified herein, is owed or will be paid over or provided to Guests.

* * *