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Download The App Before You Arrive!

Before You Arrive (Click here for video tutorials)

Before arriving to the park, please download the H2O Live app from your mobile App Store. This will ensure a more seamless entry process for you and your guests. It’s free to use and will help you plan your day, let you see wait times, find family and friends, and earn points.


While You're At The Park (Click here for video tutorials)

Once you’ve downloaded the app, select Create Profile then Add New Profile.

Linking Your Smart Band via your smart phone:

After receiving your smart band at the front of the park, create a Profile and link your smart band to the app. You will need to give the H2O Live app access to your camera so that it can then read the QR code on your Smart Band. This is how you link your wrist band to your profile. Once you've linked your wrist band, you can then complete your profile.

Linking Your Smart Band via the in park Tech Stations:

If you don't have a smart phone option, you can also link your smart band by using one of our in park Tech stations. Tap your wrist band on the icon on the kiosk to link your wrist band, then select the center icon to create your profile.

Validating your profile: 

If you would like to retain your points and badges for your next visit, access your photos for 15 days, and keep your playlists and themes, you will need to validate your profile. Select the Validate Profile center icon and give us your password. We will send you a validation email.

App Features:

Throughout the park, you will see the H2O Live icon on our Tech stations. This is where we want you to simply tap your wrist band to the icon. Doing this will then display instructions or give you more information.

You can also check your app to see special promotions that are targeted towards your likes and interests and become available throughout the day.
In the Make My Day section, you can select your music playlists, set your favorite colors, earn and track badges, see wait times, and even view park information.
In the Family & Friends section, you can link with your family and friends so that you can find them at any point throughout the day. Parents can set parental controls to keep track of their children and limit what attractions and areas they can access.
In the Park Perks section, you can view what actions will allow you to earn Park Perks and for how many points. You can also see your current totals, which can be carried over to your next visit when you validate your profile.
[Coming Soon] In the Speed Keys section, you can purchase Speed Keys for front-of-line access, reserve time slots on attractions, and even share them with your linked family and friends.

Before You Leave


Please make sure to return your wristband at the front of the park. 

Be sure to validate your profile so you don't lose your day of memories! Otherwise, data will be erased after 15 days.