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Park Rules

We Take Your Safety Seriously

We want you to have fun at the park, but for your safety and that of your fellow guests, we request that you follow the park rules set out below.

  1. Some of our slides and amusements require a level of physical exertion, may cause your body to contort and/or may impact your body with hard or semi-hard surfaces or the water. If you are pregnant, have back, heart or other physical limitations, please refrain from such activities. If you have a question about whether a slide or amusement is right for you, please ask.


  3. If you hurt yourself while at the park, please let us know immediately and certainly before you leave the park.

  4. Please read and follow the rules and requirements of each of the park’s slides and amusements. 

  5. No diving anywhere in the park.

  6. The following items are not permitted in the park:

    • Animals except that service and comfort animals are permitted if required by law.

    • Glass or other items that may break and become a hazard.

    • Coolers.

    • Outside food or beverage.

    • Weapons of any type.

    • Selfie sticks.

    • Shade structures.

    • Personal loungers if they are large.

    • Convenience mobility items (e.g. Segways™, roller skates, blades, bicycles). Wheel chairs, walkers and other necessity items are of course welcome if they may be safely used.

    • Pool toys. 

    • “Floaties”, flotation devices, SCUBA equipment, swim fins, snorkels or masks; however, life jackets and personal life safety devices, if approved by the United States Coast Guard, are permitted.


  8. Life vests are available for use free of charge for anyone wanting to use one or that should use one. Persons who are not strong swimmers should use a life vest or otherwise refrain from using the slides and water amusements. Children under 48” tall are required to use life vests in both the Live Lagoon and also Level Up. 

  9. Children under the age of sixteen must be escorted by an adult. 

  10. Please use swim diapers for children that are not yet toilet trained. Swim diapers may be purchased at MEMEentos. 

  11. When changing diapers, please use the changing tables located in the restrooms. 

  12. Please do not drink the pool water. 

  13. Alcohol is available for purchase in the park; however, please drink in moderation.

  14. Please only smoke or vape in designated locations. 

  15. Possession of illicit drugs and/or illicit drug use is not permitted in the park.

  16. Please keep food, glass, cigarettes and other items away from the pools, slides, walkways, or where it might enter the water or machinery.

  17. Please wear safe, appropriate and modest swimming suits and clothing in the park. 

  18. Please refrain from wearing clothing with inappropriate slogans, imagery or the like.

  19. Please refrain from exposing inappropriate tattoos. 

  20. The park is not a public venue. 

  21. No solicitation while in the park.

  22. No distribution of literature, recorded materials or the like.

  23. Please do not use speakers, radios or devices that will emit sound that may bother other guests or otherwise be unsafe in or around water. 

  24. Video cameras are operating throughout the park. Additionally, video and picture booths that capture, record and broadcast imagery and sound are stationed throughout the park. We reserve the right to video, film, photograph, record and otherwise reproduce the images/voice/sounds of anyone that enters upon park property and use them for any purpose without payment or consideration to any person. That is, we own them and may use them. Among other things, we intend to broadcast these images “live” from time to time, including without limitation, on the World Wide Web via the Internet. We may also use and/or publish them in other manners including for advertising. 

  25. Commercial videography, photography, audio recording and/or broadcast is not permitted at the park. 

  26. Shower before you enter the water. 

  27. Please follow the directions of our park attendants and operators.

  28. Please do not swim submerged underwater.

  29. Safety is our priority so if you see something, say something. We want you to tell us if there is a problem.

  30. On occasion in our discretion we will close the pools, attractions, or the park, at any time. Most often this is because of inclement weather, water imbalance, mechanical issues or other safety concerns.

  31. Failure to follow the rules may result in ejection from the park of you, and your group, without any refund of money. 

  32. While we don’t usually eject people from the park for no reason, we reserve the right to do so. We will also decide in our discretion whether the situation warrants the return of the amount you paid for your ticket price (less any fees). 

  33. Please also review the “back of ticket agreement” section of our website, which may be found here.

  34. We do change the rules in our sole discretion from time to time. Please check back periodically for updates.

These park rules are established for your enjoyment and safety by the owner, Horizon Waterpark, LLC d/b/a Island H2O Live! and the park manager, Innovative Attraction Management, LLC, who may alter these rules at any time.